Guns Save Lives; What The Anti-Gunners Won’t Tell You

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The following are news accounts from across the country on people using guns to defend themselves.

Drop my stuff and put your hands up

A resident of Manchester, N.H. came upon two criminals attempting to burglarize his apartment in the middle of the day. One of the burglars fled, but the resident was able to retrieve a firearm and hold the other at gunpoint until police could arrive. Police noted that the criminal who fled did not make off with any stolen property. (The Union Leader, Manchester, N.H. 03/30/11)

See, the responsible use of a gun saved other people from being victimized by this thief and prevented this guy from being robbed. To much force? He was outnumbered, it fits in the force continuum.

Being a criminal is a pain in the ass

John Antonetz and his wife, Lydia Pace-Antonetz, were loading groceries into their vehicle in a Wal-Mart parking lot when, police say, a man wearing a disguise announced a robbery. The couple tried to run from the robber, but he struck Pace-Antonetz, grabbed her purse and pointed a gun at the couple. That’s when Antonetz, a 63-year-old dentist with a concealed-carry permit, retrieved his .357-caliber revolver from the vehicle. As the suspect continued threatening his wife, Antonetz rounded the vehicle and fired several shots. The suspect, who was on parole for a burglary conviction, was arrested by the police when he sought treatment for a gunshot wound at a local hospital. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Lowell, AR, 03/25/09)

They used the defense usually advised by the anti-gunners, run away, or curl up in the fetal position and beg for mercy. Ok the last part was a bit over-dramatic, but you can see my point probably. But when this guy pulled a gun, he opened the door to pain. The elderly man still has plenty of fight, grabbed his gun and shot this recidivistic asshole. Incidentally when I read this story awhile back, he was shot in the butt. Good job, I like ventilated dirt bags.


After casing the location on two previous visits, an armed robber entered the Chazz liquor store in Florence, Ala. and attempted to strong-arm the clerk. An altercation ensued in which the clerk was able to retrieve a gun and fire at the criminal, striking the robber and causing him to flee. In his escape, the criminal only made it to the store parking lot, where he collapsed and died. After an initial investigation, police determined that the robber was on probation for a previous robbery conviction. Chazz manager Terry Rhodes hoped that the incident would deter future robbery attempts, stating, “I know times are hard and everything, but I hope they’ll think twice, because this is not something anybody enjoys doing. You don’t want to kill anybody, but sometimes you’re afraid for your life, you don’t know what they’re gonna do.” Police do not plan to charge the clerk.(WAAY, Huntsville, Ala. 11/13/10, WHNT, Huntsville, Ala. 11/13/10)

Another dirtbag robber with a record gets holes punched in him and had the courtesy to die, thus saving tax payers the cost of housing him in prison.

Refuse to be a victim

A home invader broke into a home in Tierra Verde, Fla. and was met by a woman living there whom he physically attacked and attempted to carry upstairs. Hearing the woman’s screams, a man inside the home rushed to help, resulting in a physical altercation with the criminal. The altercation allowed the woman to get free from the intruder and retrieve a gun, which she then used to shoot and kill the criminal. An investigation revealed that the intruder had previous convictions for dealing cocaine, grand theft, burglary and battery. Records show the criminal had been sent to prison five times and had spent the majority of his adult life there.(WTVT, Tampa Bay, 03/12/11, The St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, Fla. 03/14/11) And a update here with witness accounts, click here.

Two warriors, refusing to cower, fought back. The woman’s fianc’ee did what any self-respecting man would do and rushed in to save her from the 250lb invader. She got free and and retrieved her pink pistol(don’t mock the girl guns ;)) and shot this guy now trying to kill her man. Guy had a record, and is now answering for it to a higher power because of this petite Valkyrie.

Always look at both sides, a gun is the tool, the one with it is the one that matters, be it a soldier defending the country, a cop on patrol, or a responsible citizen who knows that seconds count when cops are minutes away.


5 thoughts on “Guns Save Lives; What The Anti-Gunners Won’t Tell You

  1. Guns are deadly weapons, at least for criminals.
    For LEOs & LACs they’re efficient self-defense tools.

    With the anti’s cant of “if it saves just one life”, wonder how they’ll explain away the multiple lives saved by law-abiding citizens using legally-owned & legally-carried firearms to stop criminals who carry illegally?


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