Freedom Dies A Little: Locally and Federally

Anti-Gun Senate Judiciary Shoots Gun Bills Down

Remember me speaking of carrying guns to church WITH the churches permission(HB1958)? And having your gun locked up in your truck while you work(HB1873). It passed through the House, and hit a wall in the Senate. The wall’s name is  the Senate Judiciary Committee and apparently if your attacked they want you to be slaughtered like sheep. The bills failed, and the Legislature  put another bullet in the Second Amendment. And in other reaches of the building a bill requiring photo ID to vote was also killed by “those who know better than us”. Apparently they don’t care who votes as long as they vote for them. No transparency.

So much for the Constitution

Then, in Washington D.C, House Majority Whip Eric Cantor has decided to piss on the Constitution. He has suggested to use “Deem to pass” in the budget war going on right now. Read the story here. This was the same thing Pelosi wanted to do to pass the public option in the ObamaCare legislative battle. What is deem to pass? It’s where in a previous law, a deem to pass provision is put in it. If the House votes to use it the amended version of a bill is “automatically passed” without a vote. That takes away representation and debate. It was used 85 times by the Democrat Majority in the last 5 years, and it was born in the 1930’s. Republicans used it under Gingrich, and want to use it again. Ruling by fiat is tyranny and I don’t care who uses it, Democrats, Republicans, or any party. Even if I agree with the goal behind it, the method’s don’t justify the means when it comes to a Republic. Remember, whatever tactics you use, you can’t complain when the table’s turned, and the table is spinning.


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