Budgets, and the Death to Housing and Radio, Last Week in Congress

Springfield - House Chamber, Illinois State Ca...

Image by myoldpostcards via Flickr

Congress is on a, can’t say well-deserved, vacation. At least they’re not screwing up when they’re gone. Let’s see what they did before they left.

Temporary 2011 Budget: Keeping Fedzilla fed for 3 weeks. All my Congressmen and Senators voted for it. Even though I told mine to take a stand. Even voted for them, but looks like they’re not listening. Attached to it was a motion to prevent cuts Social Security or Medicare benefits, to Privatize Social Security(a fine idea, we all see how well either party is with money) or turn Medicare into a voucher program(you get money, then you find your own doctor, creating competition). It died, so we  may make progress on the individual responsibility front.

Then they went back and forth over the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, it gives money to cities and nonprofits to deal with foreclosed homes to keep neighborhoods together. The House put a bullet in this program and sent it off to the Senate. Good job, lets get rid of more waste.

Oh they did.

National Public Radio(NPR) got taken out also. Also good news. It doesn’t fund NPR anymore or let its 400 stations from using our money to buy programming or pay dues to NPR, saving 64,000,000$ annually. Not a lot compared to the monster debt, but we start somewhere. One point argued for it, is its America’s radio, not selling out to “corporate propaganda”. I counter with this, who funds NPR, we do but who gives the money? Politicians, who since they control the money, they control the agenda, making it National Propaganda Radio. Besides it can still get money from us, BUT through donations, like Christian Radio. Or have other radio stations buy the cool shows that are successful. No more tax dollars.

So this is what they did last week. Wasn’t all bad. Just hope these survive the Senate.


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