New Arkansas Laws, What Has the Governor Signed

I usually bring up bills that are going through the Legislature, today we’ll find out what has the weight of law behind it. The chains that bind.

SB194, HB1284/Acts 48 & 71: This one isn’t so bad, pity it isn’t stronger. It stops legislators from becoming lobbyists for a year. I’d shoot for a 5 year prohibition. But its progress.

HB1018/Act 40: To change the definition of terminate as it applies to retirement eligibility.  That’s to stop double-dipping the state pension system, leave one position, get hired for another after retired and get a retirement check along with a paycheck and later a retirement  check. Ahh, accountability.

HB1062/Act 173: Adds a 2 cent tax, they call it a fee, to cell phone bills every month. That’s one tax passed.

Speaking of taxes, we have a list of tax cuts still in various committees. They are:

HB1033, HB1369, HB1118, HB1002, HB1233, HB1035, SB152, HB1034, SB276, HB1389, HB1025, HB1056, HB1031, HB1052, SB269, SB275, SB159, HB1036, HB1037, HB1023, SB162, SB163, HB1030, SB137, SB274, HB1012

Twenty-six tax cuts on the table. That’s OUR MONEY. Call your Representatives at  (501)682-6211. Call your Senators at (501)682-2902.

We have two tax increases on the table too.

HB1992: Raises taxes on the natural gas companies to 5%. Yeah, we have other states with no taxes, and more natural gas than us. Are they trying to drive up unemployment. Would you want to work at a place where  you have to pay 5% of your check, or nothing. So far we have about a 1% one. Government’s getting greedy.

HB1902: Raises the diesel fuel tax 5 cents more per gallon. Yep, that will hit the owner-operators in the state. Idiots.

And that’s the laws we have so far. GET ENGAGED!



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