The Last Charge of Pro-Gun Laws in Arkansas

Monday was the last day to file a bill for consideration. This brought on Campus Carry Part Two. Sen. Rapert filed SB844, read the text here. And as before, if you have a permit and work for the college, you can carry and possibly stop the next Virginia Tech, God Forbid. Senate Committee on Education is where it lives today. Here are the members of said committee, link here. Email them.

Also filed was HB1958, a shell bill. Its a Church Carry Bill, a similar bill died a couple years. In essence, if you have Concealed Carry License AND the Church allows it, you can carry in church. This Bill sits in the House Judiciary Committee. Email them. And I know it’ll be demonized, but I don’t debate based on emotions, I use history and facts.

Remember Colorado’s Church shooting? In 2007, the a twisted individual walked into a children’s Mission Center and opened fire, then drove 65 miles away to New Life Church. Opened fire on the church flock, but found a sheepdog, and she had teeth. She shot him, saving lives that day. The Mission Center had no one with a gun there, it was a shooting gallery. New Life had armed people there, and one Jean  Assam sent him to meet God at the Judgment Seat. Here are three stories about that here, here and here.

Boyd said there are 15 to 20 security people at the church. All are volunteers but the only ones armed are those who are licensed to carry weapons.

Boyd said Assam’s actions saved the lives of 50 to 100 people.

A couple of quotes from the last link. At the church I attend we have a armed police officer that stay’s at the nursery. Obviously churches realize that defense is necessary, and the cop’s presence at the church means their is one less on the street. If this bill passes, churches can take the same tack as New Life and vet their permit holders that volunteer to help. As it is, the person you sit by may be armed, you’ll never know because its concealed. Wouldn’t you feel more at ease if you also were armed, or others in the congregation were? After all, in Arkansas, we have a 8 hour class on guns and the law, then we’re required to show competency with our gun. Both hands, strong-side hand, and weak-side hand. And we have to re-qualify every 5 years. Then we pay the Arkansas State Police 144.25$ to have the FBI do a background check, the State Police do a background check, and both have your fingerprints so they can see in their database if you match up with any unsolved cases. On top of that, your Sheriff and Police Chief have to give you the thumbs up. Then you get your Concealed Carry License. So support these bills, let the card-carrying good guys and girls carry the gun they may defend you with one day in church or campus.

I want to give my thanks to Arkansas Carry for bringing these gun bills to my attention. This is their website.


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