What did Congress do last week?

What did the House of Representatives do? Four bills.

PASSED HR662, highway and mass transit project funding bill. Only 4 voted against it, paid for by the Highway Trust Fund.

FAILED An amendment to remove funding “The Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska. Yep, that beast still hasn’t died. 181 voted to kill that Hydra, 246 fed the beast. Yeah, Republicans are fiscal hawks. The old guard hasn’t changed. Pathetic.

FAILED An amendment to cut 40,000,000,000$  in Oil Company allowances and tax breaks. 176-249, Democrats did it because that’s how both parties operate, they act like two-year olds in suits. Though I am all about getting rid of subsidies.

PASSED HR4, it strips the Obamacare law of the requirement that businesses issue 1099 Forms to any Vendor they pay at least 600$ annually to. This is gonna cost the Feds 22,000,000,000$, and the less money Uncle Sam gets, the happier I am.

Now onto the U.S Senate.

PASSED S23(Patent Overhaul Bill) This keeps the “first to invent” instead of “first inventor to file“. 87-13.

What’s going to the President’s desk.

Stop-Gap 2011 Budget. Number 5 since last fall.

So now you see what they’re up to.


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