Now What Is The Arkansas Legislature Up To?

Great Seal of the State of Arkansas

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Now What Is The Arkansas Legislature Up To? Wanting more of our money. For example, a sales tax on purchases online, brought to us courtesy of Senators Files, Crumbly, L. Chesterfield, Burnett, S. Flowers in SB738.

Also have a few road bills up on the docket also. HB1891, its not often I like a bill, but I like this one. It incrementally moves the money collected from car sales, etc. to a dedicated Highway fund, instead of General Revenue. Gov. Beebe hates that, I’m guessing because that’s money he can’t spend. And with Jeremy Hutchinson’s bill that brings the Highway Dept. under Congressional Oversight, it’s a good pair.

HB1902, a fuel tax on diesel to pay for a bond issue to fix the roads. Yeah…how about no to that. The above bill, 1891, takes the current taxes and puts it solely on the roads. We pay enough at the pump.

And so far, not a tax cut one has made it through the Legislature. Time to make some calls to your Representatives at  (501)682-6211. Call your Senators at (501)682-2902.


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