Valentine’s Day is Every Day When The Love is True

Today is Valentines Day, but to me, with my true love Casey, EVERY DAY is Valentines Day.  We met online, 3 1/2 years ago, and just clicked. Weird. Is Fairy Tale romances possible?
We built our relationship on the concrete foundation of respect and friendship. And from that grew a infinite love, that keeps expanding. She is my patient teacher, inspiration, the light that keeps me from being to serious. Constantly teasing me out of it, with just a simple word or expression. Reading the posts I write, shaking her head at whatever project I dive into, and occasionally jumping in also. Like her willingness to learn Systema, which eases my mind, because I can’t be everywhere. It can be a bad thing to, because she has learned how to take me down and has used it 😀
She has my back, and I have hers. She has her quirks that make me grin, the expressions she use when she sees something she really likes. Her love of Pink, its everywhere. I watch her interact with others, and everyone loves her, she just has that personality. Watching her with my nephews and nieces, I know she’ll be a great mom. She loves everyone and especially me, and I love her more than anything in the world. That’s why with us, EVERYDAY IS VALENTINES DAY!


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