How’s my health? Kettlebelling

Five months into following the Primal Blueprint I’ve reached homeostasis. Now I’m working at gaining my muscle back, shooting for 12 pounds of it. The tool I’m using is the kettlebell, and Pavel‘s Enter the Kettlebell. Began with a 10lb to practice form, then a 15lb and began the Program Minimum, which is 12 minutes of swings, 5 minutes of Get-ups, along with Halos to warm up and loosen my shoulders. Here are some YouTube video’s demonstrating them.

When I hit full 12 minutes, and its harder than you think, I jumped to a 30lb kettlebell and its a whole other monster. The average kettlebell recommended is 35lbs, the one the Russian Military likes is a 53lb one, and the advanced like the 70lbs, but their is a ‘bell nicknamed “The Beast”. Its a 106lbs.

Before I picked up the 30lbs, I was doing Military Clean&Presses, 50 an arm. After the 30, so far only 15 an arm. Here’s the C&P demonstrated.

Doing this workout and eating at the least, my lean mass in protein, I’ve seen size gains. A little development in my lower back, glutes, and chest. And my shoulders are quite a bit more developed. Not bad for about 20 minutes a day, twice a week, with an occasional abbreviated workout in the middle, either C&P or Get-ups.  Got to love those compound lifts, and that’s what the kettlebell does, especially the RKC way. Works the whole body and builds functional fitness and strength.

Now I’m going to see how long it takes me to hit the full 12 minutes of swings with the 30.


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