Martial Journey

One of the reasons I picked Ronin as a name to describe myself but also as something to aspire to. The Japanese Samurai were dedicated to their art of defense, and some became masters like Miyamoto Musashi and Yoshitsune. And likewise, I try to ascend to higher levels. Unable to travel and train with the teachers I like, I do my best with books and videos. Books of strategy, such as Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, The Art of War, Military Guide to Unarmed Combat, etc. Studying the principles of Bruce Lee, Krav Maga, Arnis, and various other styles.

I’m particularly drawn to styles used by the military since they’ve been tested. Particularly drawn to Paul Vunak’s Rapid Assault System he taught to the Navy Seals. Paul was a student of Dan Inosanto and Gracie Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and RAT uses the strategy of pain, straight blast, and termination of the fight.

Pain: When outside of striking range, and the threat moves in, you intercept or use a Kali destruction. The pain distracts and gets you a second to move into the

Straight Blast: Trip hammer your fists and run forward, knocking him off balance, where you can clinch his neck, and

Terminate: the fight, with elbows, knees and headbutts.

This is a broad overview and to learn more, go to Paul’s website.

But I wanted to learn more, so I looked at another obscure martial are, one that embodies Bruce Lee’s quote:

Using no way, as way

Its a Russian Martial Art, called Systema. Taught by Mikhail Rybako, and Vladimir Vasiliev, it is based on natural movement, relaxation, and works off your body’s reflexes. It isn’t so much as technique as principles of movement. I invested in some tapes a few years back, but the company filming them wanted more technique than principle of the art, which made it confusing to me, since learned techniques are trained rigidly and natural movement is well, natural. RMA stresses relaxation, breathing, spiritual, psychological. And I plan on re-visiting it. To learn more, visit

Here is a clip from YouTube of a Systema demonstration by Trevor Robinson.

And to add variety, Rapid Assault Tactics demonstrated while sparring.

Now I’ll continue my martial journey.


3 thoughts on “Martial Journey

  1. Nice post Vance. I liked the martial arts talk. Although I have not studied any particular style, I have for some time wanted to learn different martial arts, mainly krav maga. Unfortunately there is only karate and tae kwan do offered around here(which im not very interested in). But I do the best I can with what I got. I stretch every day to increase flexibility and really work on the speed in my kicks and punches. Anyways, check out this kick ass krav maga demonstration:


    • And that is why I prefer military martial arts, they have to work, because if they don’t, you’ll quickly learn the error of your ways. Go to YouTube and type in full-speed systema. It looks like their dancing.


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