Land of the free, or home of the slaves

Think you’re free? You do?! Well I have some bad news for you, you’re not. And I’m about to point out a couple of the chains that bind you. It may seem inconsequential, till you look at the principle of it. 

First, seatbelt laws, now a primary(stoppable) offense in Arkansas, was secondary. The government will punish you with a fine, for not wearing one. But who do you hurt by not wearing one?

Continued in Growls Of A Wolf


3 thoughts on “Land of the free, or home of the slaves

  1. Gotta pick your fights, Ronin. There are literally thousands of government intrusions on one’s freedom–that is the price we pay to be part of society. It is only a matter of degree when you grade “freedom”. I view it as “don’t sweat the small stuff–worry about what really counts.” Worry about Amendment 1 and Amendment 2 of the Constitution and how the current Administration is attacking those very real freedoms.


    • I do, but incrementally we’re losing them, and incrementally we’re getting them back. Like the rise in concealed, open and constitutional carry. People will put up more of a fight when their comforts are taken away. I’m trying to show the correlation.


  2. J.P., I get what your saying about don’t sweat the small stuff, and there are plenty of bigger fish to fry, but if you don’t address the “small stuff” before you know it, it’s a snowball. A seat belt law today, your not allowed to drive in certain lanes tomorrow (oh wait, thats already today) well drive during certain hours anyway. EVERYTHING should be address by liberty lovers and we should do it standing arm in arm about EVERY issue, not just the really really important ones, they are all important


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