Pulling back the veil in the Arkansas Legislature

Alright, time to highlight some more Bills up for vote. Click the bill number to go to its page. Next on the list is:
This bill is to combat the individual mandate in the Obama Health Care law. In a free country this wouldn’t be an issue, the 10th Amendment is clear on this and I discussed the Commerce clause in an earlier post. It’s a good bill.

To be eligible for in-state tuition rates you MUST be a a US citizen or legal resident. I prefer it to be a Arkansas resident to be eligible with US citizenship or legal residency.

This bill definitely defines “terminate” for employment issues and works in conjunction with HB1040.

HB 1040
This bill prevents double dipping into the state’s Funds by retired bureaucrats who leave one government job, retire, come back later to another, or same office. Good bill, since we pay the Paychecks of every government office.

This bill will declare an emergency situation due to the economic downturn that will begin this action; the officials who got two credits for every year worked will now get one. This is less retirement money for them. I suggest they start a Roth IRA.

This bill imposes a surcharge on telecommunications to support the Telecommunications Equipment Fund, and if the amount exceeds the overhead for three years it’ll cut the surcharge in half until it’s balanced out. Goes into affect in July IF passed.
That is where you come in, the residents of Arkansas by getting engaged and doing your research and calling your employees, the politicians, at this number for the House: 501-682-6211. Be engaged or be enslaved.


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