A look at the Arkansas Legislature

Generally I scrutinize those in Washington D.C and their machinations but with the Arkansas Legislature in session I turn my attention to my backyard. That being said I will highlight the Bills they’ve submitted, with links to the text by clicking the bill number, and my thoughts. Having brung this to your attention, it’s up to you to let your representative know how you feel about these bills. I have both local and federal in my contacts. Be engaged or be chained. Starting off I will highlight 3 bills in numerical order. As you will see, the bills are short and easy to read. It won’t kill you.

A Bill on ethics for former legislators. They CANNOT register as lobbyists for two years. Not a bad thing at all, except maybe make it a little longer.

A Bill on teaching the Bible in a voluntary class, using the Bible like a text book. Ok, but let’s add a Koran, and a few other religious books too. Really broaden the kids perspectives.

The controversial open-carry bill. It’s not so much the free pass some think it is. You are limited in where you can go. Schools, 1000 feet away from them, businesses with a sign in the front with a particular phrase, churches, etc. It’s a good bill for like a woman with an abusive boyfriend, she can arm herself immediately for protection. Still better to get a permit, you have the tactical advantage of surprise and reciprocity with other states.

These are three of the Bills and this is the number for the House, leave a message for your representative at 501-682-6211. Get active, or left behind.


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