Finished Ink/Six tenets of the Wolf Philosophy

This Saturday I finished the ink on my left arm at Main Street Tattoos in Jacksonville, they do good work so I have no problem giving props where its due. I love tattoos, but only when they have a meaning, not the results of Spring Break drunkenness. I still appreciate the art, the craftsmanship of the tattoo artist’s talent. The tattoo layout is my design; the bleeding wolf’s paw is Thorin’s from Wicked Jester. My left arm is half of my principles and the wolf philosophy.

Taken together, it means I’m a masterless warrior in the battle of life who bows to none, possessing the inner-strength to face the fires of criticism, and the integrity to never sell out my principles. I view the world with an eye to both sides in search of the truth, giving a basic respect to others, until they show themselves unworthy of that respect. And I realize that only I am accountable for my actions.

For what the individual Japanese kanji means, left to right and then down. Integrity, Strength, and Ronin. Then Objectivity, Be Respectful, and Self-Accountability. The paw is the mark of a wolf, now strong enough to form my own opinions and decisions. Now to save up for the other half on my right arm. Do you have any ink with special meaning to you?


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