Shut down the Spin, and Focus on the TRUTH

Yesterday a malicious punk tried to assassinate Congresswoman Gifford of Arizona. He killed six people, and wounded others. Some brave heroes stopped him. I salute you. To bad you weren’t armed so you could of shot him. Story about the shooter here. In light of this tragedy, a group of vocal ideologues has turned on the spin machine.

Some are going after Sarah Palin for her election campaign “Don’t Retreat, Reload.” The Daily Mail has a story on that, here. That is a freaking analogy! Stand your ground. Not hunt down politicians LITERALLY! Using that thinking, then if someone says to me, “Can I ask you a question?’ I say, “Shoot.” And I do get shot, then apparently I brought it on myself. Words have power, yes. But only the power YOU give them. You will say something, inevitably, that WILL be taken the wrong way, at one time in your life at least. Use some logic! This guy is the one who made the decision, the responsibility is solely on him. Not who he listens to, reads or watches. That’s just passing the buck. If your worried that words will make someone snap, then everyone should never speak, or write, again.

Another target of blame is the books this guy read. Mein Kampf, Communist Manifesto, Animal Farm, etc. I’ve read Orwell’s Animal Farm, its a good fictional analogy on communism. A variety of books don’t make or mean your evil, or crazy. It means your curious. Chemical imbalances in your head make you crazy.

And of course if Palin is under attack, then so is the Tea Party. “Bunch of hateful white people, this guy MUST BE a Tea Party operative.” The intent is to use the actions of one man, who may or may not have attended a meeting of Tea Partiers, to smear a whole group. That’s the same flawed reasoning that says Jeremiah Wright is the reason Obama thinks the way he does. You have militant environmental groups blowing up oil pipelines in Alaska, does that mean the other groups are tree-hugging psychos? NO.

And the old standby, guns and the laws on them. Arizona has Constitutional Carry, and before that, Open Carry. That means any non-felon can carry a weapon to defend themselves. And of course I heard one talking head say its the ease of buying a gun in Arizona, you can just walk in and put down cash, and buy a gun. That’s a lie. Its FEDERAL LAW, everyone who walks in a business that sells guns, has to go through a background check. I’ve heard that its a proliferation of the guns in Arizona, everyone has one, holy crap.Yeah, well apparently not. If a law-abiding citizen who was armed was  there, they could of shot him before he had a chance to hurt and kill more people.

So, instead of throwing stones to see who you can hit, how about focusing on the real issue. No one is responsible for another person’s actions, except that person alone. We all have free will, and a mind to filter what we take in. Once a person makes the decision to do something, if the will is there, they will do it. Regardless. Instead of politicizing this, put your thoughts and prayers toward the victims.

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