Campus Carry and the Insanity of Gun-Free Zones


Today a national issue has found it’s way into my state. Read here. A group called Arkansas Carry wants students with permits to carry their handguns on campus. Many think this is a bad thing for the following reasons. Everyone is crowded together, alcohol, irresponsibility, blood in the streets. Laughable.

First off, at 18 you can go shoot terrorists in the head for Uncle Sam with an automatic weapon, but you get home and find yourself disarmed. Irresponsibility and alcohol? Those in possession of a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) go through a lot of hoops in Arkansas. First there is a 8 hour class on the LAW, then you have to prove your marksmanship with two hands, strong hand, and weak hand. That’s just the beginning. Then you get fingerprinted, and the FBI, Arkansas State police and your local Sheriff has to do background checks and give the thumbs up. That’s federal, state and local authorities checking you.

Gun-Free Zones are not magical safety areas where nothing happens. In reality they’re shooting galleries. Virginia TechGun-Free Zone. Columbine, Gun-Free Zone. Jonesboro, AR, Gun-Free Zone. That’s just a feel good solution that solves NOTHING. Feeling safe doesn’t make you safe, proper preparation helps make you safe. There are a few school shootings where a citizen with a gun stopped it. You also have the police stopping a few, or the dirtbag shoots himself. What did they use to stop it? GUNS.

Virginia: 2002

Psycho with a gun shot 6 people, 3 died.  Two sides of the story, one was that two off-duty law enforcement officers retrieved their guns and disarmed him. Read here. If any of the victims had been armed, they would had a fighting chance. The cops had to RETRIEVE their guns, if they had the weapons on them, they could have stopped this guy sooner.

Pearl, Mississippi: 1997

16 yr old kid kills 2, wounds 7 with a 30-30 lever-action. Who stopped him? The Asst. Principal, who had to run off campus to get his .45 ACP that he has a permit for. If he had the gun on him he may have saved some lives and prevented the wounding of others. If the band director had been armed he could have stopped it after this kid walked into the building. Read here.


Would you rather be a victim, a sheep led to the slaughter, or a wolf fully capable of defending yourself.
“But I might be killed.”
Would you rather go out with a whimper, never knowing if you could have lived if you had fought back? Or would you counter-attack, increasing your odds of survival, at least knowing you tried, went out with a growl. If you wish to lay down and be slaughtered, that’s fine with me, but for those who have the courage to face the reaper, you have no right to force your weakness on them. They actually think their lives are worth saving. Pity that you don’t, if you fall in the sheeple category.

Groups to check out that are trying to stop the insanity, click the links to learn more.

Arkansas Carry

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

6 thoughts on “Campus Carry and the Insanity of Gun-Free Zones

  1. Dead on man. I live 5 minutes from Virginia Tech, and I know that if there had been one armed person at the right place at the right time, the shooter could have been stopped before doing as much killing as he did. It’s just common sense and I don’t know why people can’t see it: Criminals like it when they know they are the only ones with weapons. Likewise, a criminal who knows that there may be good people with guns in a place, is more likely to steer clear of that place. I really don’t know what is so hard to understand about that.


  2. Me either. Most people don’t want to get shot. That’s why you never see a whack job shoot up a police dept. They know they’ll be killed before they even aim. Why? Because everyone is armed.


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