America’s Maxed-Out Credit Card

A controversial vote is coming up in the next few months. Whether or not to raise the debt ceiling from its 14.3 trillion dollar spending limit. To show the enormity of that number I’m going to type it out in long form, 14,300,000,000,000$. According to the CIA’s World Fact Book, read here,
the nations Gross Domestic Product in 2009 is 14.12 trillion, with our current debt at 13.9 trillion. Our budget revenues are $2.104 trillion BUT we spend $3.52 trillion.

And before the finger-pointing starts, I’m here to tell you that every politician but the freshmen are guilty unless they consistently voted against every spending bill. Its not ONLY the Democrats fault, it’s the Republicans too, and that halo they’re wearing is made of plastic and hanging of their horns. The debt ceiling should NOT be raised, you can’t get away with that on your credit card, and neither should they.

It’s time to trim the fat, call the new blood, and the old entrenched political mafia, and tell them to leave the debt ceiling where it is and start moving it down. Why the movement against the debt ceiling scares Obama’s advisor and financial mouthpiece is that it stops them from spending YOUR money. Watch it here.

Spending money you don’t have isn’t insanity, its smart. If the money is needed that bad, you can bet they’ll find it. Don’t fall for the fear tactics they use, think logically, not emotionally, when it comes to the matters of politics. I’ve added a few articles so you can read and decide.

Remember who pays the bill in the end. You do. So by forcing them to make the tough decisions and start cutting across the board, we have a start on the road to redemption. When more goes out than comes in, then you got a problem, and stealing more from the taxpayers so you can keep up the high-rolling is corrupt, and should end in prison for these politicians. Toss a few in with Bernie Madoff and the others may get the message and behave themselves.


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