Phoenix Rising: A New Year Begins

An old year ends and a new one begins. So goes the cycle of life. How was your year, a good one, a bad one? What did you make of it? What about the new one, what is your goals for it? Upcoming milestones? What are your New Years Resolutions? And to be fair, I’ll answer my own questions.

How was my year? My year was good, working, new friends with like minds, a unexpected writing opportunity, a new health and fitness lifestyle: The Primal Blueprint and Fitness combined with the RKC Program Minimum with kettle bells. And a big move, leaving my comfort zone and getting a place together with my fiancee. One of the best things I have done. Its made us stronger, and I can’t imagine anything otherwise now. I’m so happy.

My goals and milestones for the new one? Getting married in September, finishing the “Howls From The Wolfpack” book with Thorin and the wolfpack from the forum, and a trip to Atlanta in August to Dragon-Con.
I’ve been bitten by the writing bug, as you can tell by the frequency of my posts. Thinking about expanding on the “Breakdown” series into a book possibly.

New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t need a date to set a goal. Anything worth doing is worth doing then.

These are my answers, what are yours?


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