The Important Things in Life

Yesterday I spent with my dad in our favorite surroundings. The Quachita Mountains. We’ve been hunting and camping up here for the last 13 years, hunting together longer than that. He introduced me to it when I was 5 I think, maybe younger. And I’ve lost interest in the small game hunting and then gained it back, it’s deer hunting I love, and have never missed a opening day with my dad. Its there where I killed my first deer, developed a taste for dad’s chili or hobos(not homeless people), talk about a variety of subjects, old stories and some I’ve never heard before. Just when you think you know a guy ;).
A few months back, at work my dad had a heart attack. He pulled through and according to the doctor he’s in good health now. It was unexpected, scary, and not anything I’d wish on anyone. In our busy days, hectic lives, we occasionally neglect those we love who are close to us. Usually never realizing that one day they’ll be gone until it happens.
So you want to make as many good memories as you can, that’s how they live on after crossing over. I make time to spend with my dad, before then and now. Though others in my life I haven’t seen in a year or more. And I need to drop by while I have the chance. So make time for those important to you, because life is temporary, and time is precious.


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