What Motivates You? What is the internal urge that drives you?

Ok, I am pretty introspective and enjoy learning more about myself. This was in Thorin’s book Shrapnel. It’s the Cone of Motivation, it explains an idea to the why of our actions. What makes you wake up and pushes you to your goals. Let’s begin.
1. Creator-driven by a desire to create.

This is one of my drivers, I like to draw and write down my thoughts, as you often read here 🙂

2. Thrill Seeker-driven to maximize pleasure

3. Goal Setter-driven by sense of accomplishment

Definitely me. I have plans from A to ZZ. Not grandiose, but I look ahead and they are staggered so I am steadily moving forward

4. Prestige Seeker: driven by a sense of importance

5. Maven: driven by a desire to learn and/or educate

This is my primary driver, the silliest things catch my eye and I research it. This trait fits in very well with the goal setter trait, it helps me make sure I know what the hell I am doing and that it ends successfully. If it interests me you will find me nose deep in a book about the subject.
6. Altruist: driven by a sense of duty and/or guilt.
I also enjoyed the Soul Diamond in TWIWC 2nd Ed. Nolan Chart, etc.  So which ones are you, or are you driven by a motive that wasn’t mentioned?


One thought on “What Motivates You? What is the internal urge that drives you?

  1. Al of your ambition is stemed from an evil spirit that you call ‘good’ and you think is your ally. The truth is, its actually killing you. Have you ever wondered why you get this comforting spirit that drives you to live life? Life goes beyound ‘what drives you’.

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