The Science of God

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to read. Casual fiction, thrillers, non-fiction, self-improvement, etc. I’m going to highlight today a book named “The Science of God” by Gerald Schroeder.
If you’re an atheist, agnostic, spiritual or religious, it a good read that is best approached with an open mind, pondered over, and take what you will out of it, or not. It’s a deep read I warn you, the author shows how he thinks Religion and Science work together using Physics, biochemistry, paleontology, the Torah and Talmud.

He looks into the arguments that the universe is six days old VS 15 billion years old; in-depth look into the six days of the Creation; the Nature of God, Evolution, humanity’s origins, free will, and why bad things happen, to name just a few. In the appendices he also hits the dinosaurs, the long lifespans in the Old Testament, Third Day of Genesis, and Noah’s Flood.

It’s a good book for the curious of all lines of thought. I’m not preaching, just presenting a book to add to your mental armory. I’ll close with a quote from the book on page 170.

Unfortunately, on an absolute level, we do not observe the world as it is. Before we can assimilate a “fact”, the external objective reality of our world must pass through a series of biological and mental filters. The data are no longer data. They are personalized summaries of the external facts.

That’s a long-winded way to say the knowledge is a subjective opinion. I urge you to read this book with an open, questioning mind.


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