What Should You Tell Your Kids About Santa?

Santa Claus with a little girl

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At the beginning of December me and Casey were talking about when we discovered Santa wasn’t real. For me, it was when I realized Santa had my mom’s handwriting, and called himself “Hoho” like mom called him. Casey snuck down to find her parents putting the presents under the tree. So the question is this.
Is it okay to lie to your kids when you know later that it’ll break their heart when they learn the truth? Remember how you felt when you learned that Santa wasn’t a real person? So what do you do?
Discussing this with my fiancée on the finer points of raising kids, we’ve decided that Santa will not be a real person but a spirit of giving that should be all year to those worthy, the thankless get nothing. A charitable spirit. The kids will see reality, use it as a guiding and teaching tool.

So what do/did/are you going to tell your kids about Santa?


2 thoughts on “What Should You Tell Your Kids About Santa?

  1. I remember finding out when I was 8. I asked my mom if he was really real and she told me the truth. In all honesty, I wasnt too heartbroken, just upset that she lied to me. I like your idea about what to tell your kids about santa. Im not sure of what I’m going to tell my kids about santa if I decide to have any.


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