What’s Going On Around Here?

Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions

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Its been a busy weekend.  Saturday Congress repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  The Dream Act died in the Senate. Stars are falling out of the sky and the Moon will go dark. Those four sentences taken together does look a bit apocalyptic but they’re true. Just not related. 🙂 To begin:

DADT: Passed 65-31, with 8 Republicans.  It’s not often Congress takes laws off the books, they need to do it more often. I’ve covered DADT on here enough if you wish to read my thoughts on it then go here, here, and here. Predictions of enlistments falling, re-enlistments dropping, morale, etc. My prediction? It will barely be a footnote among the vast military history of the United Stated.

Dream Act: They really need to rethink that. I covered it before here. Close the backdoor, and open the front door. Legal Immigration is reams of paperwork, fees, and bureaucracy. Its much easier to slip over the border in the dark of night and cheaper to buy a fake I.D. Fix that, then worry about the Dream Act.

The Sky is Falling! On a lighter note, the Geminids meteor shower peaked last Monday, and the Ursids meteor shower peaks on Wednesday. I’m admittedly a Astronomy geek, so mysterious. I keep looking but haven’t seen any and if I remember right, its easier to see right before dawn.

Where’s The Moon! Tonight beginning at 1:15 EST(2:15 my time) the moon will begin a total lunar eclipse,  the moon will turn red as it enters the Earth’s shadow, and it will end at 5:16 EST(4:16 my time). I’m setting my alarm and getting my camera out. It rarely happens on the Winter Solstice, like every 500 years. So I only have one shot at this.


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