The World of Wikileaks So Far

Julian Assange at New Media Days 09 in Copenhagen.

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Since I discussed Wikileaks last week, you can read that post here, a legion of hackers have struck a bunch of private companies the cut ties with the group. Julian Assange has a large packet of cables in the wings if anything should happen to him or his site. The Pfc., is  waiting in jail. I’m gonna take these one at a time.
The “hacktivists” are going after Mastercard, Paypal, Twitter, read more here. Private companies can and should be able to pick who they wish to do business with, this applies to people too. So cutting ties with Wikileaks is acceptable(willingly, not under governmental duress). These hackers should be arrested and prosecuted. You have a problem with a company, then don’t buy their stuff.

Julian set up a contingency where if he or his site went down a document dump would occur. Learn about it here. After I heard that I had this thought, “checkmate”. Admirable strategy, lot of flaws, the way Wiki dumps documents, they may consider themselves damned if they do, damned if they don’t. They may think he’s bluffing or just don’t care. At this moment. Assange is in jail and I wonder, will he meet with accident or illness?


Who is he, read here. A Private First Class steals all these secrets? Did he? How is someone with that rank even cleared to see that intel? Something smells, either he’s a scapegoat or he had help. Who helped him? Or is security that bad?

Lots of questions swirling his ever evolving situation. Will the Hackers crash everything? Will the Wikileaks founder live to see another day? Some governments aren’t afraid to liquidate a problem. Nosy reporters have “accidents” all the time in other countries. Is the Pfc., a scapegoat or accomplice? We’ll see, I’m watching. Are you? If so, keep these questions in mind.


3 thoughts on “The World of Wikileaks So Far

  1. Assange is a smart guy. I love the fact that he has this backup plan installed. Ist like a big fuck you to everyone out there trying to stop him. Most people wouldn’t have thought this out as well as he did.


  2. I’m a patriot and fully support our country’s ability to fuck you up when we want. However I support Wikileaks to a degree as well, our system has flaws and needs a reset. maybe the reset is in one of those leaks.


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