Freaking Poachers!

   Yesterday morning I’m slipping through the woods when ahead of me I hear a shot. Dad I thought so I pick up the pace, ready in case it’s a wounded deer. Out the corner of my eye I notice movement. Deer, I eyeball it through the scope. A doe, wounded. That’s not right.  It’s buck only now, can’t be dad. He looks before he shoots.
     I walk up to it as it dies and look around because the shooter can’t be far. I see nothing. The shooting of a illegal doe irks me but I don’t know if it was shot by someone without a job wanting meat for the family. I can understand this. I continue on my hunting and circle around back to see if the doe was still there. It was. Now I’m getting ticked but wonder if maybe they are coming back that night to retrieve it to avoid the warden. 
   Hunters operate under a code of respect, to other hunters and the animals we kill.
-You find anothers kill, leave it, help them with it if you want, but don’t steal their kill. 

-Make sure your shot is good, quick and as painless as possible. 
Which is why I’ve yet to kill a deer. No clean shot.

  I return this morning with dad, the freaking deer was still there. The coyotes had been at it. Their are a few reasons for this that I can think of.

-Some lowlife just wanted to kill something, the worst kind of wasteful asshole 

-A rookie without a damn clue as to what he’s doing. Their was a helluva blood trail. Can’t miss it.
-They saw me and got spooked that I would call the Warden.

   Either way, when you take a animal’s life you’re obligated to use it. That’s natural law. Tooth, fang and claw!
   Whoever did this(and I have my suspicions, new vehicle in the area) is a ignorant wasteful moron that gives hunters a bad name. People are dumb enough to stereotype a whole group because of one asshole. I’ve been hunting 19 years, in the woods for 22. I’m only 27, I grew up in the wild and this is first time I’ve seen this and it  ticks me Off!  


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