How To Deal With Bullies

In light of the increased media attention on suicides after being bullied I offer this.

I dealt with bullies since kindergarten and learned this, the best option is fighting back. I had a big kid, same grade just big, pick on me. I hit him in the mouth, he left me alone. The next one was in 5th, he thought it was  funny to breathe his nasty breath in my face. So I knocked the wind out of him, after that be became a friend.
At one point I tried my hand at bullying one time only, jumped on a fat kid’s back and said that he was going down. Seeing this kid in tears, I stopped. Said I was sorry. I felt like the scum of the earth, and that was the last time I did anything like that. There was no damn reason for me to act like that.
I had other bullies, particularly bad in 11th. So I escalated my skill set with PFS JKD by Paul Vunak. Carrying that with me I realized these assholes weren’t worth my time with the insults. I moved on, grew armor, and lived my life.
Now bullying really came into the national eye after Columbine, because they claimed they were bullied and that’s why they shot everyone. Maybe they were but that didn’t give them a reason to do that. That caused the school systems to go apeshit paranoid. And it has progressed onward from there.
With this lawsuit happy society, I think a tiered defense is best for kids though it chafes because I prefer direct and simple.

Tell the teacher and parents, if nothing then parents go to principal, then superintendent.

If that doesn’t work, your on record as trying by the book. It didn’t work so let the chips fall. Judo is a good since its indirect, uses the attacker’s force against him. A real good defense when questioned after the fact.

Overly sensitive kids is the problem. Puffed up by false self-esteem. Some sports don’t keep score because “everyone is a winner”. Bull, that’s not how life works. When I play a game of anything I give it all, and any victory taken from me or I win was earned. To not do so is just disrespectful to your opposition, says they’re not worth it. Giving it all you leave with your head up because you know you gave it your best but need improvement. Teach kids to live life their way, with critical thinking, mental and physical toughness and pragmatism. Others opinions only matter if you let them. I grew into my armor slowly, but I’m there now.


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