Deer Hunting! Why I love it!

Alright! Tomorrow is modern gun season, for this weekend and Monday I’ll be off in the Ouachita Mountains, recharging. I’m going to miss my fiancée, she will be one of the many deer widows out there. But I love deer camp and hunting. Here’s why.

Spiritual reason; its quiet, I’m by myself and with my senses on high-alert I hardly miss seeing anything. Watching the animals, fresh air, sounds from the woods. Coyotes talking to me at night(I don’t talk back). As an aside, ever notice when it gets absolutely quiet in the woods you hear a hum?
It’s the perfect reality check and represents how life should be. For example, deercamp. If your hungry, you have to kill or provide your dinner. You want a roof over your head, put up a tent. To lazy, sleep on the ground. No handouts in the wild, its dog eat dog. Cold? Look for firewood. Its perfect, Cause and Effect. You have to work for everything you get. Same with deerhunting. You cannot half ass and be successful hunting. A deer has a Ph.D in Survival, and we are amateurs in the woods compared to them. You have to give 110%. Sometimes you get the deer, sometimes not. That’s life, you get out of life what you put into it. Sometimes you get kicked in the teeth. But you never lose, unless you give up. Then you lose. Like deerhunting, you put in the effort, get a deer, if he gets away, try again. Deercamp and hunting are like life.


2 thoughts on “Deer Hunting! Why I love it!

  1. There is nothing better than being alone in the woods with nothing but you, your gear and your thoughts. I tend to get a bit more into it. I take a tarp and use big branches and make a tepee around a big tree and use that as cover until the snow comes in.


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