Freedom or Safety/Man or Mouse

“Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security” Ben Franklin

One of my favorite bloggers Randal brought this up in a rant. You can read it here:
I expanded on a point in his post.  For a long time we’ve been incrementally losing freedom in the name of security. A trade-off. Every failed attempt to blow up a plane and  we escalate to a more stringent security measure.
After 9-11, a long list of prohibited items was written and a no-fly list.
After the Shoebomber, you have to remove your shoes and liquids brought in tiny amounts in a clear bag.
Now the Panty bomber and body scanners and enhanced pat downs.
Security pulls old people and kids to search randomly. Babies aren’t allowed to fly because their name is on the no-fly list. Really? I don’t think the kid just got back from bomb training, other than the stink bomb in their diaper.
Ok, you don’t have to fly, though it is convenient. Boycott! Raise hell. How much freedom are you willing to give up? A terrorist doesn’t have to be successful in killing anyone, all he has to do is get close enough to scare the populace, who will want more security and give up a bit more freedom for it. And the terrorists win another battle just by that.
One day you may wake up to mini-helicopters patrolling and cops everywhere. Curfews and disarmament. All for your safety, because you allowed fear to run your life. That’s not a life I want, I’ll face it head on, may lose too. But won’t hide like a meek coward. What about you?


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