Marriage, what it is and why everyone should have the right to it

I have a infamous group of protesters coming into my area so I’m switching my focus on combating their hate starting with how I see marriage.

Marriage, it’s a lifelong commitment made from the heart. Adam and Eve(if you believe in them) didn’t have a marriage license or a preacher and they were married. I can see a point to the legal protections if one of the couple die and the other gets the savings and other properties and doesn’t have to worry as much about where their next meal is coming from. I am getting married by law but more importantly I am already married and committed in my heart, the rest is legal protection for her, health insurance, retirement, etc. To exclude anyone because you disagree with their choice is unfair and wrong as long as they’re two consenting adults. This includes Gay Marriage. I challenge anyone to give me a LOGICAL reason otherwise.


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