Primal Journey

Welcome to my Primal Journey. A friend introduced me to this website; After researching the author’s points and finding that he was right, even if it bucks the trend. It is a eating style that is high fat, moderate protein, low carb. Grains are cut out because they aren’t nutrient dense, just filler.

The premise is this, carbs are fuel, fat is the storage system, and protein is the building blocks of the body. Due to more inactive lives and high carb foods we get fat. We don’t burn the carbs, so it turns to fat( stored energy). Protein is what builds your musculature. By cutting your carbs down, not out and switching the source of them from grains to vegetables and fruits, your body starts to burn fat. Between 50 to 100 grams is what you want for weight loss, and when you hit your goal you can up it to a maximum of 150. Your body also can burn muscle at that time too which is why you up the protein. To prevent that. To calculate how much you need you find your lean body mass, divide it by .5 or .7 for what you need for upkeep. For muscle growth you want 1.00 in grams of protein. Numerous calculators on the Internet to help you with that.

They’re is also a fitness aspect that isn’t required to drop the pounds but can be used to gain functional fitness. At least 2 hours walking at a heart range of 55 to 75%. This range burns fat mainly and I break it up as a 30 minute walk at a brisk enough pace to elevate my heart to that level, 4 times a week. This is based on my energy/motivation levels. If I am really energetic I sprint. Warm up at a jog then maximum intensity for a total of 15 to 20 minutes. This can be varied. I only do this once a week or week and a half. On other days of high energy I do calisthenics, but only twice a week. Workout is done vigorously for 30 to 60 minutes.

50×2 pushups

15×2 pull-ups

50×2 full squats

12×2 overhead shoulder press

Plank @ 90seconds

Side Plank @ 45 seconds

I’ve also picked up a kettlebell to break up my workout. That consists of 5×5 of the following.
Kettlebell Swings(two hands)
Clean and Press
And I’m trying to get to 5×5 of Turkish Get ups. Check YouTube for videos on that. I really feel that.

Missing a day isn’t the end of the world, just rest that helps recharge for the next time. Speaking of rest, sleep is important. I used to wake up by alarm at 7:30, feeling groggy, stumbling for the coffee pot. Now, I don’t even use my alarm, wake up between 6:30 to 8:00. Drink two cups at the most of coffee and it’s usually an afterthought. I wake up refreshed and energetic, and out the door in an half hour at times. Asleep by 12 am due to my work schedule.

My results thus far:


175 pounds

36 inch waist

137 pounds of lean body mass

38 pounds of fat or 21.25% (25% is average, but average sucks, who wants to be average)



162 pounds(-13)

33.5 inch waist (-2.5)

136.5 pounds in lean body mass

25.43 pounds body fat or 15.70%



151 pounds(-24)

31.5 inch waist (-4.5)

134.16 pounds in lean body mass

16.83 pounds body fat or 11.15%



141.2 pounds(-33.8)

30.5 inch waist (-5.5)

123.88 pounds in lean body mass

17.31 pounds body fat or 12.26%

These are my results so far. Now its time to add some mass. I will keep updating and promoting the Primal Blueprint by posting my results and links to the page. For more info go to


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