Suggested Websites/Minds of the Wolfpack

Finally with the passing of election day I’m moving off the subject of politics all the time. Today, meet my friends.
In my links I introduce you to a diverse group of people, and most have contributed or in one case, actively working on the “Howls From The Wolfpack”. Let’s take a closer look at the links in alphabetical order.

Cowboy’s Way
Alex Harber’s site. A in your face, well thought out writing style. Philosophical, logical essays and parts of a book he’s working on. Contributor to the WOLFPACK book.

Welcome To My World…
EnlightenedOne’s blog. Its where Wade puts his writings and bullets for the world to see. Another contributor to the WOLFPACK book.

Hardcore Mind
This site is the domain of Randal Lane, contributor and fellow editor of the WOLFPACK book. Randal focuses on health issues and what he views as a world going off kilter. It isn’t updated often due to a busy schedule but the articles make you think.

Ryan Smith’s site where he posts articles on his gaming and drink mixing hobbies along with his fiction works such as the Cleansing Rose, a supernatural mystery that will grab you. A contributor to the WOLFPACK book.

Wicked Jester
This link takes you to Thorin’s website. From here you can go to the shirts he sells, the books he writes, graphics, upcoming projects and the WOLF FORUM. Where myself and the above mentioned met. If you want to debate and learn from diverse group of people and learn about the Wolf Mentality, this is the site.

I encourage you to check in on these sites and come back to them.


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