Geeks. Freaks. Losers. Worthless. Trash. Queers. Racial Slurs. Zealots. Terrorists. Racists. Fatso.
Labels, Stereotypes. One or more peoples opinions of someone else or group. 
What is an opinion? Just another’s perception and subjective judgement of something/someone. Is this bad for you, another’s thoughts of you?
Only if you let it. Do not let anyone define you. To give you a label. They don’t know you as well as you should know yourself. Define yourself. Look inside with both eyes open and be what you want to be and continue to raise the bar.
Who are they to define you? What do they know? Letting others define you is a weight that slows you down, take the cutting torch of your introspection and cut it loose. Be a custom job, not typecast, and be happy. After all your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters.


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