Another Ideological Skirmish
Watching the Move On activist getting taken down, and later the minutes before, what led up to it, reminds me of why I wait before I talk. It takes awhile for information to get out. The link above is the only article I found, the rest is blogs filled with finger-pointing. I’m sure their are others I just hadn’t found them but I have enough for where I’m going in this post.

The lady with her sign and wig works as a paid activist for Move, was waiting on Rand Paul’s limo to arrive. She shoved the sign into a open window and what looks like security moved in. Apparently some supporters or campaign workers helped. Holding her down with one of the guys with his foot on the back of her head.

First, the guys taken down one girl is a bit overkill. He claimed he was protecting the candidate. From what? And that’s what his security is for. Any charges he faces is deserved.
Second, the girl didn’t go to the debate to debate the issues. She went with a “award” she wanted to give to Rand. It looks like she went to incite an emotional reaction, and guess what? Mission Accomplished. Though probably not to the degree that it happened. I’m not excusing what happened to her, it was wrong.

All this was is another skirmish in the ideological war. Now the opposing sides are racing to make themselves the victims and the other evil. The lady will be held up as a martyr in the battle against the right wing. At least one of the men has charges against him(which he should). In the emotional chaos the message from both sides is lost. And this helps no one truly wanting to help the country, using logic and reason instead of swayed by swirling emotions in the battle for control.


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